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Barcamp Singapore

Next BarcampSG

The next Barcamp will be in October or November 2024. Interested in joining? Email us at

The Last BarcampSG Event

The last Barcamp Singapore (BarcampSG) was held on October 14, 2023. We extend our gratitude to the GeekCampSG community for providing us with the venue. The event featured engaging discussions on a variety of topics including poetry, neuroplasticity, gender issues, living a creative life, travel, and many other fascinating subjects.

Barcamp Singapore

What is a Barcamp and Who are the Attendees?

A Barcamp is an informal meetup where people come together to learn from each other through discussions and collaborations. Topics can range from design, books, science, and movies to space exploration, health, food, technology's impact on society, travel, and more. Participants can propose their own topics for discussion, and the group will vote on which ones to explore.

How Does One Vote for a Topic or Post a Discussion Topic?

Open Meets

When you enter the venue, you'll see a topic wall. Participants interested in presenting or leading a discussion will post their topics on the wall. To vote for a topic you like, simply use a marker pen to mark it. If you want to lead a discussion or make a presentation, write your topic and name on a blank post-it and post it on the topic wall. Attendees will walk around, check out the topics, and vote for the ones they find interesting. Once your topic has a few votes, it will be assigned a room and time slot. We have multiple rooms for parallel sessions, and participants are free to leave one discussion and join another.

What is the Format of Discussions? How Long is Each Discussion Slot?

Each discussion slot lasts 25 minutes, with a 5-minute gap between sessions to allow the next topic leader to set up. While slides are discouraged, some rooms may have projectors if needed.

Past Barcamps

We are grateful to our hosts for recognising the value of community learning and opening up their venues to us. Some photos from past Barcamps are on Flickr.

Barcamps in Other Cities

Bangkok, Phnom Penh, Saigon, and Kuala Lumpur (CyberJaya) also run lively Barcamps. Hong Kong and Yangon used to have popular Barcamps, but alas.

Contact us

If you have any questions or want to join the next Barcamp, email us at We do not spam or send any commercial emails.