Open Schools

(The Readcamp in Saigon) We host open meets throughout South-East Asia. These are free to attend for all. At these meets, participants discuss a wide range of topics such as travel, relationships, career, education, and personal development. Our meets take place at libraries, cafes, co-working spaces and schools. (Participants post their topics at Mui Wo Open School, Hong Kong) (How to live with less, Mui Wo Open School) (How to make a forest from a single sapling, Mui Wo Open School) Any participant who wishes to lead a session on a topic they are passionate about can do so. The discussion leader can choose to conduct the session in English, the local language, or multiple languages. (Learn to free-dive session from Singapore)

How do the participants post a topic?

(Voting for topics at Saigon Open School) As the participants come into the venue, they take a post-it and write down the skill or topic that they want to learn, teach or discuss. They post this on the designated wall or a table. Other participants vote for the topics they are interested in. (Discussion at the Open School in Saigon) At the end of the voting, we create a schedule. We assign a spot (a room or a corner) and a time slot (usually 30 minutes) for each discussion topic. We may run two or three discussions simultaneously. The participants are free to move to another group if they find their current discussion uninteresting. (How to spot fake news, from Phnom Penh) (The readcamp in Phnom Penh - discussions on what people are reading)

Why run these open meets?

We believe that there is a wealth of knowledge hidden in our communities. To tap on this, we created a platform where people from all backgrounds, ages, and occupations can come together and share their skills, ideas, and interests. There is a lot of talk about “smart” cities, we believe that a truly smart city is one that becomes smarter by sharing. (Books and Trips in Hanoi) (The Open School at the University of Social Sciences in Saigon) (Participants from Singapore and Phnom Penh join the “Art of Getting Lost” in Saigon.) (The Educamp in Yangon) (Yangon, about how to be a better teacher) (Singapore, discussing space exploration) The best part is finding a nearby cafe and continuing the discussions well past the closing time. Want to run an OpenSchool in your city?, have questions?, contact us: