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As the sun sets on the ancient trade routes, caravans rested at a Caravanserai. The travelers gathered around a fire to share stories and insights. We continue this tradition through our meetups at the National Library in Singapore, at various venues across South East Asia and online via Zoom. Email us at for upcoming meets. Links: Caravanserai Singapore Caravanserai Saigon Caravanserai Bangkok The “Art of Getting Lost” meet (in Bangkok)
Talking about Vietnam (in Singapore)
Unconventional destinations. Talking about travels in Afghanistan and PNG (in Singapore and via Zoom)
Discussing Indonesia (in Saigon)
Talking about hidden Hong Kong with Helen (via Zoom)
May talking about Shan state (via Zoom)
Discussing all things from the Philippines, (in Singapore and via Zoom)
Discussing daily life in the day of a young professional in Yangon (in Singapore)
Learning how to use WeChatPay in China. (In Singapore)
The “Art of Getting Lost” meet (in Phnom Penh)
The “Art of Getting Lost” meet (in Saigon)
Talking about Japan (in Jakarta)
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